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Have Your Cat's Current Medical Records Sent to Our Clinic

If you and your cat are coming to us from another clinic, please have your previous vet email your pet’s records to us at We need your cat’s medical records so we can see their prior test results and detailed doctor’s notes.

Fill Out Our Pre-Visit Questionnaire

We’ll send you a pre-visit questionnaire to help our team create a veterinary care experience that best suits your and your cat’s needs. Please be as complete and honest as possible about your cat’s history and preferences.

How to Transport Your Cat to Our Clinic

We recommend transporting your cat safely and securely in a hard-sided carrier that is large enough for them to turn around inside of. Use a carrier that has an easily removable top half, as this allows your cat to remain resting in the lower half of the carrier during their visit. This helps them feel safe and comfortable. Finally, add soft items to the carrier that smell like their preferred places and people. After all, a trip is always better if you bring your favorite toys and blanket along!

For more recommendations on how to have a great first visit, contact us at 651-705-PURR.

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