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Dr Mekka With Cat

Dr. Lisa Mekka - Owner

Dr. Lisa Mekka began working with animals at the age of 15, cleaning and caring for adoptable pets at her local animal shelter.  She continued working at and volunteering with shelters throughout high school and college.  After graduating college with dual degrees in Animal Psychology and Veterinary Life Sciences, she attended Tufts School of Veterinary Medicine.

While she was in veterinary school, Dr. Mekka’s own cat became very sick, and she rushed him to the emergency room for help.  However, the doctor there handled her cat so aggressively that his attitude changed from friendly and gentle to terrified and biting.  Her cat was traumatized, and throughout his stay at the hospital he would not eat, drink, or go to the bathroom unless Dr. Mekka was at his side. This awful experience made Dr. Mekka decide to devote her career to providing exceptional feline veterinary care.

Before founding Silvervine Cat Clinic, Dr. Mekka owned House Calls for Cats, an in-home feline veterinary care service that operated throughout the Twin Cities.  She was then asked to join Feline Rescue in St. Paul, where she established the Veterinary Services department and served as its Veterinary Medical Director for 4 years.  Now, Dr. Mekka has returned to private practice, drawing from her decades of experience with cats to create a clinic designed to make them comfortable.

Silvervine Cat Clinic is the culmination of Dr. Mekka’s knowledge and efforts, and she is eager to welcome you and your cats into its feline-centric environment, where cats can feel relaxed and happy with their owners.