Elevating Cat Care
as a Cat Friendly Veterinarian
in Woodbury, MN

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Silvervine Cat Clinic is a proud Cat Friendly Practice ®. This means we are much more than just a clinic offering services exclusively to cats. The entire experience and environment we cultivate for our patients and their owners is designed around the unique needs, temperaments, and health conditions of felines.

As a Cat Friendly veterinarian in Woodbury, MN, we are highly sensitive to all the characteristics, behaviors, and instincts that set cats apart from other companion animals. By being attuned to these things, we are able to provide higher-quality care and improve the health of our feline patients.

What We Do as a Cat Friendly Practice ®

Cat Friendly Practices® (CFPs) like ours deliver exceptional feline care in an environment built around their needs. This includes the use of feline pheromones, the removal of potential triggers/stressors, gentle and minimal handling, and more.

In addition, we provide valuable education to cat owners about the importance of routine wellness exams, stress reduction techniques, and more to ensure their pets are being seen regularly by their vet and getting all the treatment they need to live their longest, healthiest life.

Our team members are trained to understand the needs of cats on a deeper level and build a veterinary experience with their unique perspective in mind.

What to Expect When You See Our Woodbury, MN Cat Friendly Veterinarian

Every corner of our practice is designed and oriented to appeal to feline sensibilities. This includes our lobby, exam rooms, clinical area, and surgical and dental suites—everything is developed to be as comfortable and low-stress as possible for your cat.

When you and your cat visit our clinic, you can expect:

  • Skilled, knowledgeable staff: Our staff is well-versed and trained in feline-friendly handling techniques and calming techniques to reduce anxiety during exams and other procedures.
  • A low-stress environment: We strive to make our clinic feel less clinical and more welcoming for cats and their caregivers. Silvervine offers a space that is sensitive to your cat’s needs and senses, with specific colors, textures, sounds, scents, facilities, and equipment (diagnostic imaging, laboratory, anesthesia, dental, etc.) vetted for feline comfort and safety.
  • Personalized treatment plan: Cats experience changes in their health just as other pets do, and highly benefit from a tailored care plan specific to their needs. Our goal is to help your feline family member avoid health emergencies and conditions that leave lasting, irreversible effects. Our vet team can detect potentially harmful conditions before they become significant and more time-consuming and costly to treat.
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If you have any questions
about our Cat Friendly Practice®

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