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A clean mouth is essential to your cat’s overall health. With dental disease being one of the most common conditions affecting cats, routine oral examinations and teeth cleanings should be staples of your cat’s wellness care. At Silvervine Cat Clinic in Woodbury, MN, we help improve and then preserve your cat’s health and happiness by fixing current dental issues and then working with you to find a preventative care regimen that keeps your feline smiling.

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Signs Your Cat Might have Dental Disease

Any experienced cat owner knows how difficult it can be to detect early signs of a health problem in their feline. Cats are masters of concealment when they are sick and/or in pain. However, if they have a more advanced form of dental disease, you might observe the following signs, which should be addressed as soon as possible by your vet:

  • Smelly breath
  • Grooming less
  • Reduced appetite or change in food preferences
  • Difficulty chewing or dropping food
  • Swollen and/or bleeding gums
  • Pain when touched around the mouth
  • Drooling
  • Behavior changes, such as grumpiness, sleeping more, or playing less

How We Perform Teeth Cleanings and Dental Surgery

Teeth cleanings aren’t as simple for pets as they are for people.  The process can be uncomfortable, scary, and requires them to hold still for long periods of time. These are some of the steps we take to make sure your cat’s dental procedure has a great outcome:

  • First, to make sure the process is safe for your feline family member, we perform a physical exam and blood testing to assess their overall health and minimize anesthesia risks.  Once we have a good anesthetic plan, we schedule your cat’s procedure.
  • Next, while your cat is under anesthesia, we closely examine their teeth and gums to check for gingival pockets, loose teeth, damaged teeth, oral masses, and other oral health issues.
  • We then clean, polish, and rinse your cat’s teeth using state-of-the-art dental equipment that effectively removes tartar and bacteria from above and below the gum line.
  • We perform full-mouth x-rays to check for dental problems below the gum line.  Most cats have significant dental issues that cannot be identified without the use of dental x-rays.
  • If we find a relatively healthy mouth, the procedure concludes with recovery in our monitored surgery ward where your cat will be kept warm and comfortable while the effects of the anesthetic drugs subside.
  • If we find areas of the mouth where tooth extractions are required, we perform oral surgery.  We remove these teeth, clear out obvious infection, and fill the gaps with synthetic bone graft to speed your cat’s healing.
  • As with any anesthesia, before, during, and after the procedure we take steps to minimize your feline family member’s fear and discomfort.  Through the use of medications, fluid therapy, nerve blocks, heating pads and more, we do our utmost to control your cat’s pain and provide them with a pleasant hospital experience.

Cleaning Your Cat’s Teeth at Home

After a professional teeth cleaning, at-home dental care is critical to maintaining your cat’s oral health and slowing the buildup of plaque and tartar. Brushing your cat’s teeth at home each day will greatly delay that buildup and reduce the risk of more serious dental disease.  However, if brushing isn’t a good fit for you and your cat, we can also recommend rinses, wipes, treats, and diets that have been proven to reduce dental disease. Contact us at 651-705-PURR to learn more or schedule a dental exam!

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