Our Eco-conscious Clinic in Woodbury, MN

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From the very start, Silvervine Cat Clinic has been committed to making our facility a place that promotes health for pets, people, and our planet.

If you have any questions about our green initiative, contact us at 651-705-PURR.

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Our Green & Clean Initiatives

In addition to paying for wind credits for our building’s energy, we also do the following to run green and clean:

  • We Furnish with Recycled Materials

    Our clinic is furnished and decorated with repurposed, recycled, and natural materials.

  • We Keep Live Plants on Site

    Silvervine Cat Clinic keeps many live plants around the practice to improve air quality, inside and out.

  • We are Paper-Light

    Our paperless records system saves countless trees. The paper we do use, from our printers to our bathrooms, is made from recycled or sustainable materials.

  • We Limit Plastic Use

    Our purchase and use of plastic products is limited to situations where no good alternative exists. We also opt for recycled options when available.  

  • We Use Nontoxic Disinfectant

    Our clinic uses dilute accelerated hydrogen peroxide as our primary disinfectant—it is nontoxic to pets, people, and the environment, while still being highly effective against bacteria, viruses, and fungus.

  • We Use LED and Natural Lighting

    We have LED lighting throughout our clinic to reduce energy consumption, and we make use of natural light wherever possible.

  • We Recycle

    All of our paper, recyclable plastics, glass, and metal wastes are recycled. 

Have questions about our green initiatives? Call us at 651-705-PURR or come by for a visit!